Where's the damn squirrel?

Submitted by TheGnomeAtHome on Sat, 07/01/2017 - 14:41

A man from New Hampshire was taken to hospital with a live squirrel stuck in his rectum. Ray Frankfurt called 911 after the misadventure with the squirrel. Medics who attended the scene described how they found Mr Frankfurst laying naked on his bathroom floor with a bushy red tail sticking out of his rectum. 

He told me on the phone that he had slipped and fell and the squirrel got lodged in his ass. I thought it was a joke!

After being rushed to Huggins Hospital in Wolfboro Mr Frankfurst was operated on and the squirrel removed, although Slimy the Squirrel didn't make it out alive. Mr Frankfurt was not available for interview on his release from hospital.

Mr Frankfurt with Slimy before the misadventure
Mr Frankfurt with Slimy before the misadventure